Txdot Multiple Use Agreement

The department may enter into an agreement with a political sub-division or a federal agency to use parts of the highway for public facilities other than highways. Public facilities may include, for example, parking lots, parks, recreation areas, bicycle and walking paths, pier ramps, policing functions, etc. For each multiple-use device envisaged, a multi-use agreement (form 2044) must be implemented. Projects on the Federal AIDS Highway must be approved by the FHWA. Form 2044-FED is used for multiple use agreements with federal authorities. The borough should regularly inspect several use sites during construction, within 30 days of completion and once a year. Compliance with contractual conditions should be respected. When a company charges parking fees to cover the costs of building, maintaining and operating the facility, the district should conduct regular audits to ensure that the company does not make a profit. Any request for a multiple-use agreement should be coordinated with the Maintenance Division (MNT) in the initial phase. The district should retain responsibility for the preparation of the agreement with the applicant entity, which provides the information, parts, etc., necessary for the preparation of the agreement. Responsibility for managing multi-purpose agreements is shared by MNT and the Design Division (DES).

In the case of motorway projects in the design phase or under construction, proposals for the development of several uses are submitted to the DES. In the case of completed motorway projects, proposals for multiple use are submitted to MNT. Permission to execute a multiple use contract is contained in Texas Administrative Code, Title 43, Rule 11.21.